The Hydrogen Network is Live!
The Hydrogen Network is a fully featured decentralized AI inference task execution engine. The network is running completely decentralized on the Blockchain. The consensus protocol makes sure no malicious behaviors could exist in the network.
Application Developers
Use the network as an inference API service on the cloud to execute the Stable Diffusion tasks.
Image Generator
The first application running on the Hydrogen Network. Generate images in the browser with various of combinations of the Stable Diffusion models.
Node Providers
Connect your NVIDIA graphic card to the network in exchange for tokens when you are not using it. The node could be started in seconds.
Use case for applications, AI model shop. Models, such as the anime diffusion model and legal document writer model, could be listed for trading. Models could be used as the API service and downloaded for local deployment.
For Applications
  • There is always a model fits your need in the marketplace.
  • Bring AI power to your applications simply using API.
  • Easy model customization using local data.
Use case for developers. Program the training task the usual way and start training on the data and computing power provided by the network. Online IDE and debugging tools.
For Developers
  • Utilize the dataset and computing resources provided by the network.
  • Write traditional PyTorch and Pandas tasks. Transparently run it in the decentralized network.
  • Developer friendly framework, SDK and debugging tools.
Use case for nodes. Provide private data to the network as datasets at no leakage risk. Decentralized network to join and quit at any time.
For Nodes
  • Earn from your private data and spare computing resources.
  • Private data is protected from public access with Federated Learning and MPC.
  • Transactions are verified using Zero Knowledge Proofs to prevent cheating.